Themed Programmes

In order to ensure a specific agreed set of outcomes four themed programmes are offered. There is still considerable choice of content therein, but activities which do not suit the theme are excluded. We are happy to discuss exact content to suit your outcomes.

A detailed document describing our themes can downloaded here, but a brief synopsis is as follows.

John Muir Award

This is all about children discovering, exploring, conserving and sharing their experience of wild places. There are excellent opportunities for integrating the week at Ardroy into the school curriculum. See here for our innovative developments in this area.

Developing the Young Workforce

An updated version of our old "Lost at Sea" theme. Each activity has an extra built in team challenge, culminating in an end of week event. Participants are given a high degree of ownership throughout the course of the week and positive attitudes to risk taking, teamwork, planning and organisation are all developed.

Healthy Mind and Body

This theme is designed to promote a healthier, more positive outlook on life, as a result of taking part in aerobic activities in the green environment, enhancing self-esteem and self-worth.


Intended mainly for cluster schools bringing P7's prior to going up to secondary school. Self-reliance and independence are facilitated - often groups are mixed with members of different schools, but have their own accommodation units at night.